Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1990, Encaustic Artist Britt Merrylees is on the path of reaching the pinnacle of her artistic career. With an ever increasing love of working with wax most of her designs are infused with this medium onto timber to create a layering effect. Britt’s journey into the world of art began at an early age when she attended St. Catherine’s Toorak. Notably, she was the only student to enrol in all four art subjects in her Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

After graduating, believing it was not possible to be a successful artist; she switched her program of study to graphic design, hoping for greater success. Focusing on this for two years, Britt realised that her talent did not translate at its best potential. In order to gain exposure and understand the world of art from the consumer’s perspective, she completed a degree in Marketing. Soon after, she focused on landing marketing jobs to further explore and advance her knowledge and skills. Various mishaps in the Marketing realm led her to venture into Advertising. Observing the passion and desire displayed by her manager, she experienced an epiphany. She was sparked with the drive and fortitude to pursue her inner most desire – her love for art.

In 2016, Merrylees gained tremendous insight into the direction she wanted to take as an Artist. Working out of her own studio in Bondi, Sydney, Britt is brimming with enthusiasm and ambition in creating artistic masterpieces. Being a lover of photography and capturing moments of time and elements of the environment especially the ocean and beaches, serves as her deepest inspiration. Using texture as the primary element in her work, Britt brings to life her creations with a collision of various colours and shades that serve as a reflection of her feelings and emotions.

From mid 2017 well into 2018, Britt Merrylees reached numerous milestones including her debut exhibition entitled “Texture 2” at Art Studios Co-Operative, Gosford. Since then she went on to be the only artist representing Australia at Parallax Fair, London twice in one year among 200 artists from across the globe. Britt has showcased her work at several galleries like Arnold St Gallery in Bendigo, The Brick Lane Gallery in London, Creative Mirror in Sydney, RossoCinabro in Rome and has been invited to return again at the Parallax Art Fair in 2018.

The presentation of her art is not only beautiful but portrays the reciprocal relationship between the various layers of wax and the momentous perspective it reflects. Building on the momentum of her recent successes, Britt continues to experiment with different techniques, and emotionally intriguing abstract pieces. Gaining new dynamics and embracing new experiences, Britt is bound to crest the zenith of her spirited artistic evolution in the fullness of time.

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