Month: October 2016
Britt Merrylees Art Blog – Green Series

Colour can tell you a lot about a work of art. This series exemplifies the element of colour, in particular green. My previous art pieces are quite different from the ones in this series, mostly because of the colours that was incorporated in them. Although most of my previous pieces have colourful explosions, the presence of green was lacking, and my impulse to add this element lingered, but refused to come alive. I couldn’t seem to understand why, so I resorted to doing some research on the meaning of colours, to perhaps explore its varying significance.


To my surprise, I was able to understand that the colour green represents growth, balance and harmony. Now, reflecting on my struggle with incorporating green into my art, and its powerful meaning helped me to make a plausible link. I felt like incorporating green within my art took rise because I have finally reached the point in my life where I’m experiencing much growth artistically.


Without a doubt, this year has proven to be one of great development. I was able to take big steps toward following my passion, and now I can truly say that I have come a long way. My transitioning from leaving my full time job to committing myself one hundred percent towards being an artist, led me to being fully operational in my own studio. I can unquestionably express that my experiences, compassion and thrive portrays sincerely in these pieces. Seeing that green represents harmony instantly stood out to me since I saw harmony as great importance in illuminating through my pieces. In that, I try to create a harmonious approach in the use of my colours, textures, blends and overall completion of my artwork. Ultimately, I allowed myself to delve beyond just recognising and identifying the colour, to using it for its inherent qualities toward a specific end.


Yet again, my technique of incorporating texture was a main focus in this series and I could not be happier with the way it turned out. In creating these art designs, I tried exploring and integrating various shades of green, to add depth to the artwork. As always, there tends to be a relation between my psychological state and my art, once again the connectedness shines through tremendously in these pieces. I think this serves as a pleasant reminder that we should always listen to our instincts, investigate them further, and eventually what we wish for will come into existence on its own.


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October 10, 2016 in Inspiration / Art

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