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A key component of what makes an artist is their source of inspiration, as it influences the shaping of design by adding depth and uniqueness to the artist’s vision. Being the keen photographer that I am, I’m always scouting various locations to capture through my lens. Finding the right images to invigorate and stimulate my mind, is what I yearn for. For this series I found a deepen connection with the oceanic landscape for its definitive blue shades and translucent body, its reflection of sky and coalesce with the earth.


Recently, I was fortunate enough to have spent a two week holiday in the beautiful majestic island of Bali in Indonesia. Thanks to a friend on Facebook I was able to find El Kabron, a cliff side restaurant and pool club situated 50 meters above sea level, perched tenaciously on the magnificent cliffs of Uluwatu. When I arrived at El Kabron the place was cloudy as depicted in the photos I captured, but that was short lived. As the clouds were slowly drifting away, rays of sunlight shone brightly through its dissipating remains. Nonetheless, being there was a sight for sore eyes looking at the incredible coastline and breathtaking view of the lovely Indian Ocean.


My obsession with the beach has always intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. I remember moving to Sydney for the first time when I was eight, my dad would come home early from work and we would go swimming at the beach every night. I guess this strong impulse toward the beach holds much significance as it seems to be rooted to my childhood days. Besides taking a swim or admiring the vastness of the ocean, I could stare at the waves for hours. Hearing the sound of the crashing waves, the fresh aroma of the saline mixed wind, and the feeling of the salt encrusting my skin brings a relaxing vibe to my mind and peacefulness to my soul. It somehow manages to instill moments of clarity that electrifies my thoughts.


These experiences have had a tremendous effect on my artistic sense throughout the years. When I look at something I just don’t see it as it is, I see its variations. Looking at various things in the world through different lenses gives me different perspectives that I would then incorporate into my artwork. This sometimes happens to appear both consciously and subconsciously in my designs, like when I look at the beach. I try to find and formulate how I can turn these sights of inspiration or aspects of them into artwork.

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November 30, 2016 in Inspiration / Art

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