Month: December 2016
Britt Merrylees Art Blog – Uber & Metaphors

As an Uber driver, while on the road my mind often works like a lightning bolt, discharging thoughts and reflecting on things that holds even the simplest meanings. I’ve noticed that people’s personality tends to shine through their driving style on the road. Whether you’re rude and aggressive, calm and collective or reckless and chancy, your attitudes and traits are projected behind the wheel. As I observed this link, my mind travelled into figuring out different metaphors that can be associated with driving on the road and realistic scenarios.


While cruising through, street after street, my eyes landed on the many signs and symbols used to guide safe driving. In particular, the lines on the road indicates what actions we should or should not be taking, similar to having personal boundaries in my life that allows for intimate connections or privacy. Just like the solid white lines indicates drivers not to cross lanes to prevent collisions, we often set personal or professional boundaries in terms of our speech or actions around others to avoid conflicts. Although I have experienced difficulty with setting boundaries in friendships and relationships with family, as I learn and mature as a person, my awareness is developing day by day. Now that I am certain of what boundaries I want to maintain, my consciousness is in motion and I am able to quickly determine whether my bounds are being crossed or intruded upon. What do lines symbolise for you?


The metaphoric representation certainly stuck with me, and I transcended towards the symbolic nature of colours used on the road and in traffic lights. When the traffic light shines red it signals us to stop, similarly, things that surround us on a daily basis are marketed with the use of the colour red, but do we ever stop to think about the meaning it holds? Things like fast foods or process foods are often associated with the colour red and are used as a marketing strategy to draw people towards these types of products. Green signifies to ‘go’ on the roadway, just like we should be ‘going’ or ‘moving towards’ a healthier lifestyle which is associated with the colour green. We proceed with caution behind the wheel when the light turns orange, just like we might proceed with caution on Halloween. If we applied the traffic light colour strategy to our everyday life, would certain choices be different?


Let me know your answers to both questions below, curious to see your thoughts!

December 12, 2016 in Food for Thought

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