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My mind often wonders about the true meaning of creativity and what it means to be creative. As an artist, I have crossed path with friends and family who view themselves as non-creative or unimaginative. Just the thought of that makes me feel upset, but at the same time, I feel like I should also be breaking down the barrier by assisting in shifting people’s perspective on creativity. I get the sense that people who don’t deem themselves as an “artist” or as “creative” tend to get caught up in these preconceived notions which, perhaps, may have been resulted out of fear of criticism, rejection and failure. To me, being creative is not only about painting a picture, sculpting a masterpiece or turning your thoughts into a visual piece. But rather capturing your uniqueness, your expressions, your innate skills, values and morals and projecting it into something you love, or something that simply exists.


An accountant might not be able to mix colours and draw landscapes, but he can work with numbers and can analyse information differently from an artist. My mum does not view herself as the creative type but she possesses the skills, the knowledge and values to be the incredible homemaker she is. She knows how to beautify the home with colours and textures to create a light and joyful atmosphere. My dad owns his own construction company, therefore he has the ability to see shapes from a whole different view, know how materials work together, and is able to make people’s ideas transform from a plan into supporting the foundations of buildings & tunnels.


One of my friends invested her time into learning about being creative; she thought that she needed to be more artistic to see herself as a creative. A lot of people might share the same perspective as my friend, but we must ask ourselves, do we have to learn to be creative? I think we are all born with different skills, traits, thoughts, expressions; we share different experiences and observe things in various ways. We should not be learning how to be creative, but discover ourselves, our strengths, enhance what we already have and develop our own art form, our own sense of creativity. I think that what my friend was trying to accomplish was to learn new skills which would have allowed her to enhance her creativity. If you want to pursue artistic ventures, sure, but in order to be creative you must first reach down to find the creativity that is already embedded within you.


Please comment below and tell me some ways in which you are creative or use creativity in aspects of your life.

January 23, 2017 in Creativity

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