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In November of last year I was approached by Epilepsy Action Australia for a donation of one of my pieces. The organisation provides several services to persons with epilepsy, other seizure disorders and the wider community hence, I was elated and more than happy to assist. In 2016, Epilepsy Action Australia started an online art charity auction and due to its huge success they decided to host another this year. I was told that the organisers discovered my work through Instagram to which I was truly surprised and experience a sense of accomplishment. This proved that my hard work on Instagram was paying off in my quest for exposure. Having the opportunity to be part of this venture was indeed an educational experience since I was unaware of the condition of Epilepsy and have never crossed paths with anyone affected by it. Luckily for me I was provided with sufficient information and resources to assist in my understanding of the disorder.


As I was gathering my thoughts to begin creating the piece for the auction, it struck me to craft this design as part of my fluid series which is currently in progress. My fluid series is simply about staying grounded and allowing emotions and current state of affairs to manifest into cocktails of textures and colours. The creations in this series and the concepts rooted within it make the art what it is. Since this series focuses on colour and texture as its primary elements, it was in congruence with the auction piece. The one stipulation though was the inclusion of the colour purple, which is the international colour for Epilepsy. As I was ready to create this piece I decided to use a combination of purple, blue and white. This fusion of colours tends to form a beautiful coalescence which I find to be very calming and soothing. It gives a sort of relief almost like a breath of fresh air so to speak, that eases the mind into a tranquil state.


The auction is set to open on 14th February, 2017 (Valentine’s Day).
For information about this charity auction click here and be sure to check out my piece here as well as all the other participating artists.


Help spread the awareness and bring happiness and joy to children and families affected by Epilepsy.

February 13, 2017 in Charity Food for Thought Inspiration / Art

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