Month: July 2017
Britt Merrylees Art Blog – My Journey to the Parallax Art Fair London

It is often said that after the rain comes the rainbow, and I can confidently say that I’ve lived such experience. Having been diagnosed with endometriosis in the past, I have not experienced any health issues in relation to this since 2013. Until recently, the disorder came back and it was almost like everything was being shattered, excruciating pain and spending days in the hospital, I was on the list to undergo surgery. Then came a glimmer of hope, as I checked my email inbox, my eyes followed the most fulfilling words, a message from Parallax, asking me to be part of the Parallax Art Fair, 22-23 July 2017. The more I thought about it, the more I felt motivated to get on with my surgery, this was my rainbow.


After having a successful surgery and being released from the hospital I immediately responded to the email and accepted the offer. Having come to the realisation that I was representing Australian art my mind was bombarded with a gush of thoughts and ideas as I grew more and more anxious to present my best work in respect to my country. Being a representative of Australia among other artists from around the world is an honour, so I knew that the pressure was on. I was running through various ideas from depicting my environment, incorporating my photography into my pieces and taking inspiration from the beautiful sites of London. After much deliberation, I decided to focus on my current series which had truly become the pinnacle of my artistic expression thus far. My current series “Fluid” expresses the ability to remain grounded and allow the art to exist as is- nothing more, nothing less. In retrospect, more often than none, we tend to let our life choices be influenced by other people’s expectations and societal pressures. This can sometimes hinder us from reaching our true potential and forces us to conform in order to be liked or accepted. With this in mind, my Fluid series is a reminder to stay grounded, never to fall prey to those pressures and expectations, and be true to oneself even if it feels uncomfortable in an unkind environment.


When I engage in creating works of art from this series I clear my mind of all those pressures and expectations. I listen to my intuition and let my current state of mind guide and influence my colour palette. Colour is the primary element in all of my work and wax is the secondary element. The combination of those elements allows me to create free flowing artwork that captures a particular essence. Once poured, the colours and wax transforms into a beautiful coalescence, taking its own shape and form. Interestingly, when creating these pieces, the colours somehow mimic or express my current mood or state. Texture on the other hand is quite different; it seamlessly forms multiple layers of varying thicknesses and adds dimensions to the piece. My Fluid series originated out of my “Ripples” series where I like to photograph the various stages of the artwork in creation. On this initial occasion I had photographed a background layer of wax and looking through the lens I saw visualizations of horse-like formations. After reflecting upon the piece, I traced its connection back to what I was thinking while crafting this noteworthy piece. At the time I was thinking about how I was going to create a design for my mother-in-law who wanted something about horses.


In London, I will be presenting a collection that is a continuation of my Fluid series, since it has grown and developed into something quite remarkable. Importantly, in each of my creations carries with it, a piece of my soul and captures my development over time. When art enthusiasts look at my artwork they can easily identify the different shapes and pictures which is open to interpretation as with any type of art. With some of my pieces, I carve out shapes and patterns in timber that adds a third dimension to my existing art. Using 100% Australian wax, I encourage my art viewers to experience my creations more than just by looking with their eyes, but touch the textures and formulate their own interpretations.

July 21, 2017 in Creativity Exhibitions

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