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Britt Merrylees Art Blog – Art Auction
Fluid X - Image 1

In November of last year I was approached by Epilepsy Action Australia for a donation of one of my pieces. The organisation provides several services to persons with epilepsy, other seizure disorders and the wider community hence, I was elated and more than happy to assist. In 2016, Epilepsy Action Australia started an online art charity auction and due to its huge success they decided to host another this year. I was told that the organisers discovered my work through Instagram to which I was truly surprised and experience a sense of accomplishment. This proved that my hard work on Instagram was paying off in my quest for exposure. Having the opportunity to be part of this venture was indeed an educational experience since I was unaware of the condition of Epilepsy and have never crossed paths with anyone affected by it. Luckily for me I was provided with sufficient information and resources to assist in my understanding of the disorder.


As I was gathering my thoughts to begin creating the piece for the auction, it struck me to craft this design as part of my fluid series which is currently in progress. My fluid series is simply about staying grounded and allowing emotions and current state of affairs to manifest into cocktails of textures and colours. The creations in this series and the concepts rooted within it make the art what it is. Since this series focuses on colour and texture as its primary elements, it was in congruence with the auction piece. The one stipulation though was the inclusion of the colour purple, which is the international colour for Epilepsy. As I was ready to create this piece I decided to use a combination of purple, blue and white. This fusion of colours tends to form a beautiful coalescence which I find to be very calming and soothing. It gives a sort of relief almost like a breath of fresh air so to speak, that eases the mind into a tranquil state.


The auction is set to open on 14th February, 2017 (Valentine’s Day).
For information about this charity auction click here and be sure to check out my piece here as well as all the other participating artists.


Help spread the awareness and bring happiness and joy to children and families affected by Epilepsy.

February 13, 2017 in Charity Food for Thought Inspiration / Art

Britt Merrylees Art Blog – Uluwatu

A key component of what makes an artist is their source of inspiration, as it influences the shaping of design by adding depth and uniqueness to the artist’s vision. Being the keen photographer that I am, I’m always scouting various locations to capture through my lens. Finding the right images to invigorate and stimulate my mind, is what I yearn for. For this series I found a deepen connection with the oceanic landscape for its definitive blue shades and translucent body, its reflection of sky and coalesce with the earth.


Recently, I was fortunate enough to have spent a two week holiday in the beautiful majestic island of Bali in Indonesia. Thanks to a friend on Facebook I was able to find El Kabron, a cliff side restaurant and pool club situated 50 meters above sea level, perched tenaciously on the magnificent cliffs of Uluwatu. When I arrived at El Kabron the place was cloudy as depicted in the photos I captured, but that was short lived. As the clouds were slowly drifting away, rays of sunlight shone brightly through its dissipating remains. Nonetheless, being there was a sight for sore eyes looking at the incredible coastline and breathtaking view of the lovely Indian Ocean.


My obsession with the beach has always intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. I remember moving to Sydney for the first time when I was eight, my dad would come home early from work and we would go swimming at the beach every night. I guess this strong impulse toward the beach holds much significance as it seems to be rooted to my childhood days. Besides taking a swim or admiring the vastness of the ocean, I could stare at the waves for hours. Hearing the sound of the crashing waves, the fresh aroma of the saline mixed wind, and the feeling of the salt encrusting my skin brings a relaxing vibe to my mind and peacefulness to my soul. It somehow manages to instill moments of clarity that electrifies my thoughts.


These experiences have had a tremendous effect on my artistic sense throughout the years. When I look at something I just don’t see it as it is, I see its variations. Looking at various things in the world through different lenses gives me different perspectives that I would then incorporate into my artwork. This sometimes happens to appear both consciously and subconsciously in my designs, like when I look at the beach. I try to find and formulate how I can turn these sights of inspiration or aspects of them into artwork.

Purchase Britt’s photography prints from Uluwatu here.

November 30, 2016 in Inspiration / Art

Britt Merrylees Art Blog – Green Series

Colour can tell you a lot about a work of art. This series exemplifies the element of colour, in particular green. My previous art pieces are quite different from the ones in this series, mostly because of the colours that was incorporated in them. Although most of my previous pieces have colourful explosions, the presence of green was lacking, and my impulse to add this element lingered, but refused to come alive. I couldn’t seem to understand why, so I resorted to doing some research on the meaning of colours, to perhaps explore its varying significance.


To my surprise, I was able to understand that the colour green represents growth, balance and harmony. Now, reflecting on my struggle with incorporating green into my art, and its powerful meaning helped me to make a plausible link. I felt like incorporating green within my art took rise because I have finally reached the point in my life where I’m experiencing much growth artistically.


Without a doubt, this year has proven to be one of great development. I was able to take big steps toward following my passion, and now I can truly say that I have come a long way. My transitioning from leaving my full time job to committing myself one hundred percent towards being an artist, led me to being fully operational in my own studio. I can unquestionably express that my experiences, compassion and thrive portrays sincerely in these pieces. Seeing that green represents harmony instantly stood out to me since I saw harmony as great importance in illuminating through my pieces. In that, I try to create a harmonious approach in the use of my colours, textures, blends and overall completion of my artwork. Ultimately, I allowed myself to delve beyond just recognising and identifying the colour, to using it for its inherent qualities toward a specific end.


Yet again, my technique of incorporating texture was a main focus in this series and I could not be happier with the way it turned out. In creating these art designs, I tried exploring and integrating various shades of green, to add depth to the artwork. As always, there tends to be a relation between my psychological state and my art, once again the connectedness shines through tremendously in these pieces. I think this serves as a pleasant reminder that we should always listen to our instincts, investigate them further, and eventually what we wish for will come into existence on its own.


Check out Britt’s ‘Green Series’ here.

October 10, 2016 in Inspiration / Art

Britt Merrylees Art Blog – Nemo

This piece started off by melting a combination of beeswax and paraffin in a heated wok. This step is critical in encaustic painting, so that the heat converts the wax from a solid state into a fluid workable state and thus, helping me to apply the wax easily. At the time, I was exploring the method of adding small coloured blocks of wax into the heated wok, to add different shades of colour to the wax. By doing this, it helped to create a base application of wax which became the background for my piece.


Last week I had planned to create an addition that would go well with my ripples series. In order to craft this ripples piece I applied the coloured wax to the timber by using a ladle and carefully dropping scoops of wax onto the timber. Using this technique requires a great deal of patience and directional approach in guiding the application of the wax. Furthermore, establishing a base layer of wax like this on timber makes it a lot easier to move on to the next step. This piece then transformed splendidly, after leaving the base layer of wax to dry overnight. The very next day I decided to set up the artwork outside to be photographed. Surprisingly, when I looked into the camera and looked back at the photos I captured, my heart was instantly warmed, as I realised what I had subconsciously created.


Let’s take a detour examining my thoughts earlier this week. Throughout the week my thoughts were fixated on my mother-in-law because I was supposed to create a piece for her. I knew she loved horses and wished for a piece of that nature. Knowing my attention to detail, my thoughts were running wild like a perfectionist procrastinator. My ideation was seeking an image for inspiration because most times when developing my creations I tend to draw ingenuity from a photo that I would have taken. This ideology was now leading me down a path and revealed that I needed to put more work into this piece.


Unbeknownst to me, as I photographed what was meant to be the background for my next design, I quickly recognised that the encaustic painting I had been thinking of creating for my mother-in-law magically materialized and conjured its way to life in this piece. As I stared at it I realised that I had produced a piece reminiscent of her late horse Nemo, passing through the heavens. In almost an instant, I felt like I was looking up at the clouds, trying to make out the shapes.


It’s pieces like this that reminds me of what art truly is all about; art should move you on a deeper level. The connection you make with art is one that evokes deep emotions, usually when we like something it’s because it reminds you of something you hold dearest. Straightaway, I knew this was the piece for my mother-in-law. I knew she would connect with this in the way that I just had. Obviously, my satisfaction is different I knew that this piece is going to bring joy to her life and be a reminder of her late horse Nemo enjoying life in heaven. However, it also strikes me on a deep profound level where I’m beginning to see my connection to art and appreciate my creative power.


A lesson to take away from this experience of mine is remembering to trust in the power of your own mind. Everything happens for a reason, if I didn’t photograph this piece I would have continued to work back into it, and create something of the opposite

September 18, 2016 in Inspiration / Art

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