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Britt Merrylees Art Blog – My Year in Review

Since embarking on my journey as an artist, I have achieved several goals and gained many new experiences from establishing connections, growing my fan base and displaying my stunning artworks at exhibitions. This period marks one year since I resigned from my advertising job in August, 2016 to pursue my true passion as an artist. So I would like to share my story with you, my esteemed readers and fans alike, as I discuss and reflect upon my accomplishments.


Turning over a new leaf 1 month after leaving my job marked an important milestone of my artistry. By being my own boss and working on my own time, I produced enough artwork to set up a stall at the local market in Bondi. Reflecting on my successes, whether big or small, is what navigates and fuels my drive to reach my goals. Earlier this year in February, I was invited to showcase my art at the Parallax Art Fair (London) in June 2017. While making progress at my stall, I took the time to develop my technique and skills until the exhibition. Poised to be my big break, my decision to accept the Parallax invitation came from self-motivation and self-inspiration as I overcame the odds of my battle with endometriosis. Recovering well, I dedicated my energy towards creating pieces for the show, and racing against the clock to have my artwork shipped.


Prior to Parallax, I donated one of my pieces to Epilepsy Action Australia for a charity auction. My involvement in this auction allowed me to expand my knowledge on epilepsy and its effect on people. Transitioning into my big show, I seized the surreal opportunity of displaying my “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” piece at my first official exhibition at Art Studio Co-operative in Gosford, NSW in May 2017.  I was also a participant in “Raw Sydney”, a showcase which featured 80 artists from different disciplines such as music, fashion, make-up, dance, photography and jewellery design. Click here to see my work alongside all these other brilliant artists.


As time eclipsed, I was off to London for my big show, all of my hard work and dedication was eventually coming into fruition effortlessly. Thinking back, all of my past experiences truly prepared me for the Parallax Art Fair; I became stronger mentally and emotionally, and gained tremendous confidence as a person and artist. In my two day exhibition in London I sold 2 pieces and extended my reach to over 15,000 people. This experience instantaneously increased my fandom and helped me to grow as an artist in the right direction. By achieving significant strides towards a brighter future, I returned home to resume work for my next venture. Presently, I am in the preparation stage for my first sole exhibition, where I will feature my prized “Fluid Series” at the Arnold St Gallery in Benidgo. Taking a leap of faith is a huge decision, but the shared nostalgia of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is enthralling.

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