Wooden Boards

This curated collection exemplifies rustic wooden boards with an artistic touch. Whether it’s used as a special gift, serving platter or home accessory, each piece is 100% unique. Britt designs them by elevating a classic chopping board into a visually stylish piece, embellishing them with a fusion of colours. The use of multiple colours of ink merges together, adding much highlight, dimension and definition, which produces a warming ambiance that is guaranteed to brighten up any room. With each drop of pigment and transition of colours to the rippled and textured effects, every piece is crafted to be one of a kind. Ranging from square and rectangle to round shaped boards, each work of art is carefully coated with resin, to protect its design with a hardened plastic surface layer, adding a smooth and elegant finish.

If you are using the board as kitchenware, it is not recommended to use sharp knives against it since it may cause breakage and pose a choking risk to guests or children. It is ideal to use for serving dips, drinks or appetisers during parties, family gatherings, special occasions or even game nights. Adding a dash of vibrancy, some have chosen it to be a culinary ornament in the kitchen. Others have used the boards as a decorative plaque on the wall, to add fresh décor and beautify the interior spaces of their home. Britt’s combination of unparalleled craftsmanship and enduring ingenuity presents adorning pieces of art to accent and make your home shine.

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